Will my private health insurance cover my hospital stay?

We understand that health insurance and paying for hospital care can be complicated, particularly during an unsettled time.  We recommend that you ask your health fund to help you work out what is or isn't covered and how much you will have to pay.

Questions to ask your health fund:

• Is your policy up to date?

• Does your policy cover the procedure you’re having?

• Are there any excess or co-payments?

Depending upon your medical condition or procedure, you may require radiology, pathology and specialist consultations during your hospital stay. These may attract additional out of pocket gaps.

Also ask your doctor, anaesthetists and surgical assistants to explain their charges, and to give you an indication of how much you will get back from Medicare. The hospital's admission staff are always happy to help, should you have questions please call 02 579 7777

What happens if I don't have health insurance?

If you do not have private health cover, you may elect to be admitted as a uninsured patient. Uninsured patients who are registered with Medicare can claim the rebate if the procedure is eligible. On admission or prior to admission, you will be asked to pay the full estimated cost for your hospital stay.

What happens if my hospital stay is for WorkCover & Third Party Liability?

Patients admitted as a result of WorkCover and third party liability will require written acceptance of admission from the relevant insurance company, prior to admission. Any claims that have not been accepted by the insurance company will require the hospital's estimated fee to be paid by the patient on or prior to admission.

Are there any other costs involved?

Fees charged by anaesthetists, other medical, allied health, radiology and pathology practitioners will be billed separately by the relevant provider after your stay.

When can I go home?

Once your doctor has approved your discharge, we will commence planning for your return home. If you are a day-stay patient, you will rest in the recovery area until your doctor or nurse see you and approve your discharge home. To ensure your safety you must have someone to escort you home, this does not include an unknown taxi driver..

If you are an inpatient, discharge time is usually 10.00am. Please arrange to be picked up at this time. If you have had a general anaesthetic or sedation, please ensure you have a responsible adult accompanying you home as you will not be allowed to drive. It is also highly recommended that you have someone to stay with you overnight.

You are welcome to contact us once you have gone home should you have any queries or concerns about your condition. Just phone us on 02 9579 7777 and ask for the ward where you were admitted, or alternatively please contact your medical specialist or your GP.